Thing 1 and Thing 2 take a bath....

Look at our chinchillas taking a BATH!! Yes, I said bath. These guys cannot get wet so they roll in volcanic ash or dust to free their fur of oils and moisture. Do you roll in dust to get clean?

Chinchillas have large round ears, bushy tails, large eyes and long whiskers. Even though their eyes are large, they cannot see very well. They use their whiskers to help them see by feeling things around them.

Chinchillas can jump about 6 feet high. They use their tails for balance and are great climbers. In the wild, they live in rocky and mountainous areas.

Our chinchillas are named Thing 1 and Thing 2. They love to eat raisins as a special snack. They live in the Plants & Animals Learning Center at EcoLand. We hope you come and visit them soon!

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