Meet Terry the Treefrog 

Hi boys and girls.  I'm Terry the treefrog!!  I can't wait for you to come visit me.  My home is called EcoLand.  There are so many fun things to do here at EcoLand. Let me tell you about some of the adventures we have in store for you!!  Let's HOP to it. 


Here at EcoLand you can go on a Safari or travel to the top of the world for a Polar adventure.  At EcoLand you will see there are plants and animals all around us.  Did you know that some of the largest living things on earth are actually plants?  You may even travel underground to see where rocks come from or help us save the planet by learning about recycling.  EcoLand is a great place to learn about many of the energy resources available on our planet like wind, water, and solar power.  


I look forward to our adventure and can't wait to see you at EcoLand.


Love,  Terry

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