EcoLand got an exciting surprise! We had two, three year old sulcata tortoises donated to us to live out their long lives at EcoLand. These two new tortoises are about two years older than Suli, the sulcata tortoise that lives in the Serengeti room. They are named for how slow they move, Snail and Slow Poke! They are about the size of your teacher's hand and love exploring their new habitat located under the staircase at EcoLand. They like to eat all sorts of fruits and vegetables like kale, greens, and apples. They also love to take warm baths to soak up the water they need to survive. When you come to visit you may have to look closely for them because they are camouflaged with their environment and love to dig down in the soil where they feel safe. We can't wait for you to meet them! They are like looking at real, live dinosaurs!

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